Cornell Entrepreneurship Club

About The Club

The Cornell entrepreneurship club is a community for student entrepreneurs or anyone simply interested in joining the entrepreneurial community here at Cornell.

We host a variety of events on campus that connect students interested in entrepreneurship to the many resources here on campus. Additionally, we encourage people to join our club if they're looking for potential co-founders or customers, receive feedback on their ideas, or simply looking to be part of a creative, empowering,and diverse community of entrepreneurs.

So if you're looking to meet with successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and other professionals who can help you start your own business, join our Facebook group and come out to our events!

Our Members

Chad Fong
Chief Executive Officer
AEM - Class of 2019

Jeffrey McNeary
Chief Financial Officer
AEM - Class of 2019

Peter Cetale
Chief Marketing Officer
ILR - Class of 2019

Albert Caldarelli
Chief Technology Officer
Information Science - Class of 2019